Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept. The tears of the eternal God fell to the ground because of His great love for me. The ancient One who walked upon the heavens amidst the fire of the first light bowed low to enter by the peasant’s gate for me. His heart is powerfully gentle and with humble courage he wept over hardened hearts. He bled to redeem me. God bled for me. I feel the humbling tide rolling over my soul. I am not worthy of such extravagance.

The great Father of eternities caught my tears in his bottle, comforting words of promise and of peace. This One, the catcher of my sorrow, so aloof in His splendor and infinity, did become the crier of the tear, humbled low in dullish insignificance. To a stubborn and obstinate people He succumbed to the deep well of saline sadness, to the excessive excruciation of the cross. The Son whose face had never hid from the glory of His eternal Father, laid down his hallowed communion to swallow up holy wrath for me.

Jesus wept. The joy of heaven’s radiant gaze obscured by the unlit darkness of rebels. The veil hanging between the holy and the hard-hearted, the sacred and the sacrilege. God wants it down, so He came down to rend apart the parting, dividing the division by His own flesh. Jesus tore it top to bottom when heaved his final breath. The wrath of God appeased for me in His righteous curse fulfilled in this weeping Son’s sacrifice.

What love is this that raises tears like these? What gracious mercy is it that wells up to such a gift? It is my Lord’s love! It is my Savior’s blood! It is my Jesus who weeps with pity and longs with such passion pursuing my salvation with joyous dread and woeful offering to the Father. It was my sin that brought Him to that wretched glorious tree, but it was His great meritless love that held Him there for me.

Oh for joy to God and man that Jesus wept for me. His tears of pity, warm with love, cleared his vision to Calvary. Up from the grave He lives for joy, leading salvation glowing from the pit of dark despair. Now though guilty I stand not condemned, for Christ my Savior lives.

I will draw near to Christ my God, so warm and gentle the scarred embrace. It was for me He endured the cross, now carrying joy to the Father. My sins, they were scarlet, now white as snow. His cheeks, once wet with tears for me, now stretched wide in welcoming gladness.

The tears that fell from the eyes of my brother; those were my God’s tears for me. The blood that was shed from the body of my King; that was God bleeding for me. What shall I fear in times of duress, when all around me the pillars of life are leaning? My God became man with tears of compassion and gave His life for me. He lives today with conquering power to hold me near forever. I will draw near to Him safely for rest and repose, His tearful love draws me close.