Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Can Change

I wanted to use this space to plug a book that I'm currently reading called You Can Change by Tim Chester. For those of us who have struggled against sin and often lost hope that we may ever have victory over those areas, then this book is awesome!

First of all, this book is about the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ and how His person and His work give us an expectation and power to change the way that we think, feel, and live. Some of us may struggle with lifestyles that we desire to change, but have a hard time actually changing. Some of us may have "decent" lifestyles, but our joy is almost completely gone and we find ourselves depressed, bored, joyless, and full of pessimism and complaining. Some of us may struggle with anxiety that overwhelms us or anger that controls us. The gospel is for us!

This book is also about hope. It's about hope in the power of God to transform our lives and our hearts, about connecting the gospel of grace with the "Monday-mornings" of our lives. It's about the promise of God to shape us into the image of Christ. It's about the hope that God is making us holy, and that is a great and wonderful thing.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

"One of our problems is that we think of holiness as giving up some things we enjoy out of a vague sense of obligation. But I'm convinced that holiness is always good news. God calls us to the good life. He's always bigger and better than anything sin has to offer. The key is to realize why change is good news in your struggles against sin."

To the glory of God,